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“Sam, can you help me?” “Yes, Dad!” Now, we’re washing the car. Where’s my sister, Amy?
She is playing my flute. What a lucky girl!There are many apple trees in a garden. They’re good friends. One day an old tree is ill.
There are many pests in the tree. Leaves of the tree turn yellow. The old tree feels very sad and unwell.
Another tree sends for a doctor for him. At first, they send for a pigeon, but she has no idea about it.
Then they send for an oriole, and she canNel 1986, i tecnici della
divisione Motorsport decisero di realizzare una versione pick-up della M3 E30.
Per farlo, venne usato come base un esemplare cabrio, essendo già dotato del
a meno del tetto. L'auto infatti, oltre
presentare un capiente cassone nella parte posteriore, presentava un abitacolo a due posti che poteva essere a sua volta scoperto tramite una capote. Tecnicamente, l'auto derivava da una Serie 3 Cabrio standard con motore 2 litri, e solo successivamente, con l'adozione
t treat the old tree well. Then they send for a woodpecker. She is a good doctor.
She pecks a hole in the tree and eats lots of pests.
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